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These are uncertain times for business owners and high net worth individuals. Growth opportunities are complicated by an unsteady COVID recovery and the looming reality of rising taxes and interest rates.

Financial Planning

Custom strategies to help you build wealth, create tax-free annual income, and recapture millions in lost taxes and opportunity costs.

Commercial Loans

We help secure financing for business loans, real estate investments, construction loans, business acquisitions, and more.

Retirement Planning

Secure a comfortable and reliable financial future with clear and attainable retirement goals.

Business Services

Our business services provide you with quality resources including comprehensive insurance plans, business continuation planning, buy-sell funding, business debt collateral, and more.

Life Insurance

We are an independent life insurance advisor and broker with access to over 80 of the top carriers and sophisticated Turnkey Tiffany life insurance.

Premium Financed Life Insurance

We offer premier life insurance – without the premiums. We work with our network of lenders to cover this cost for you.

What we do

Our firm, Jay Austin Capital LLC, specializes in eliminating risk and distribution taxes from pension plans, IRA’s, and other wealth “buckets.” We design tailored tax-free income for life and retirement strategies that increase net worth by millions with no additional out-of-pocket costs.

Our services include:

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We look forward to helping you secure the future you deserve.

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