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Jay Austin Capital LLC is an advisory and brokerage firm dedicated to growing and securing the assets and legacies of our clients. We cater to high net worth individuals including business owners, executives, heirs, and private practices. We also work with businesses to secure commercial loans and provide specialized financial and insurance services.

For over 30 years, our President and founder Jay Austin has received numerous awards and recognitions for his success within the financial and insurance industries. He built this reputation on his dedication, honesty, reliability, and transparency. These form the core values he delivers to his clients every day. As a longtime former Vice President at leading financial planning institutions such as Merrill Lynch and Wachovia, Jay Austin was responsible for overseeing a wide range of multimillion-dollar accounts and regularly delivering results for his clients. He established a seasoned personal approach with earned experience and clear communication, which is key to ensuring the best decisions are made. This approach puts clients at ease by establishing trust and reaching goals with clearly defined steps and realistic explanations.

At Jay Austin Capital we also understand the nuances of the insurance system. We are committed to helping you meet your insurance needs as well as build financial security for your family and loved ones. Our custom-designed strategies will make sure you are covered as comprehensively as possible for every scenario including passing away too soon, living too long, and becoming ill in an unexpected way. We specialize in both disability and life insurance with living benefits to pay for long-term care, chronic illness, critical care, and more. Jay Austin Capital can also provide the expertise to reduce or eliminate generational taxes and pass more wealth to your heirs through life insurance coverage and other estate wealth services.

Lastly, Jay Austin Capital knows that high-quality asset and retirement planning is a team effort. That’s why we work with your existing investment advisors, accountants, attorneys, and any other consultants to focus on the main outcomes of major savings. We use a holistic approach to achieving and improving these results for you and will coordinate with keeping your existing advisors in the loop.

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